A well-designed portal for boards can be helpful if you need to speed up the process needed to create board packs, or improve the quality and quantity of information. A good portal should include features that let administrators make a robust and organized board pack that will be beneficial to board members.

Board packs contain vital information that aids in shaping the strategic decision-making process of a company. They include crucial information like the agenda for a business meeting and background documents that relate to discussions and decisions, and the CEO report which outlines the status of business at present. Additionally, they should include the previous minutes of the last meeting. It is crucial to supply board packs that are both efficient and useful to run a successful, well-organized board meeting.

Making and distributing board packs isn’t easy. The contents of a board packet must be able to balance the need to be in compliance with regulations and also keep meetings focused. Too much information may overburden directors and make them incompetent to understand, digest or make informed decisions.

A good board package contains a mix of different formats to facilitate understanding, comparison and analysis. It should be easy to navigate and provide concise information in a format that is appropriate for the particular meeting.

A well-designed board more helpful hints portal provides an easy, intuitive way for participants to plan and collaborate ahead of meetings. Some of the most powerful features include drag-and drop pack creation and auto-save for avoiding any lost work, recalculation of time, notes and shareable annotations, and robust search capabilities. These features will save administrators a lot of time, and reduce the stress that comes with creating a board-pack for each meeting.