About Online Software and Meetings

In a company with multiple locations and remote team members it’s not practical to have everyone in the same room for meetings. Online video conference software enables co-workers and clients to connect remotely for business calls as well as virtual presentations or webinars. The top online video conference software goes beyond video chat and include whiteboards and direct collaboration features that allow participants to engage with an online conference as if they were face-to-face. Other features that are useful include calendar integrations as well as the ability to capture videos of the session for future reference.

When choosing an online meeting program, companies should take into consideration the features and pricing to ensure they get the best value for their dollars. Some video conferencing software online charge per user whereas others are free. Users should also consider any additional fees, such as storage space or subscriptions.

A great way to test the online video conferencing program is to sign up to try a trial or demo. This will give users the chance to experience how the platform works with their preferred tools like calendars and project management applications. It is also crucial to test the program’s stability and performance. A reliable online video conferencing program will also have a good uptime history with 24/7 support.

Gatheround is an online-based meeting program that encourages team bonding as well as interaction with customizable templates as well as icebreaker activities. Its unique feature, member-matches groups meeting participants to foster conversation and prevent people from feeling alone or boardpaq reviews ostracized of the group.